About Kurron

Kurron was founded in 1990 by an experienced team of former hospital executives who were operating some of the most efficient and effectively managed hospitals in the United States. Corbett A. Price, Founder and Chairman, identified a need for results-oriented management, consulting, and contracting services within the healthcare industry and built Kurron with the vision of making a direct and positive impact on clients. Since then, Kurron's team has grown to include some of the most well-known and well-respected professionals in the field of healthcare, and the firm continually draws attention from healthcare systems around the world. Today, Kurron has regional offices in New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and Bermuda.

Kurron currently manages a number of hospitals and healthcare facilities and provides a full range of management, consulting, strategic advisory, and restructuring services to a wide range of businesses within the healthcare sector. We look forward to continuing to provide a full line of cutting-edge healthcare services to our clients; however, our vision for Kurron includes the unique option of applying our extensive management, consulting, restructuring, and strategic planning experience to include the sponsorship and equity ownership of companies in the health services sector. Where other firms may be able to provide only the funding for such an endeavor, Kurron supports equity investment with the superior knowledge of how to optimally improve healthcare organizations, making Kurron the ideal partner in these situations.