Kurron Delivers Results

Working with Kurron has yielded positive results for healthcare facilities domestically and abroad. Noted below are just a few examples of the ways in which Kurron has assisted hospitals of every size, from supervising a massive construction project in Chicago to guiding a small Connecticut hospital in its search for a CEO.

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  • South Fulton Medical Center Atlanta, Georgia

    When Kurron teamed up with South Fulton Medical Center, it was already in the midst of Chapter 19 bankruptcy. Kurron showed management how to reduce payroll by 39% and cut the average length of a patient's stay by 19%, thereby proving that the hospital was able to operate in the black and still turn a profit. A sale to Tenet Healthcare soon followed.

  • CPC Health Group Bethesda, Maryland

    After CPC was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Kurron negotiated transfer agreements with other mental-healthcare providers that ensured the hospital's patients could stay with their respective doctors.

  • Sheehan Memorial Hospital Buffalo, New York

    Kurron's help in expanding Sheehan's ambu- latory care network yielded a 45% increase in patient visits and a return to profitability in only one year.

  • Wyndham Hospital Willimantic, Conneticut

    Wyndam's troubles with strong leadership and financial instability only worsened when its CEO stepped down. Kurron took over interim chief executive duties so that hospital management could concentrate on finding the best permanent leader to fit their needs.

  • 4YourCare Minneapolis, Minnesota

    4YourCare was a successful third party administration firm bogged down by a floundering parent company. Kurron facilitated a Chapter 11 filing and sold 4YourCare in only three months — a record-breaking length of time.

  • Cook County Hospital Chicago, Illinois

    The prospect of undertaking a massive construction project to replace a hospital built in 1914 seemed daunting: Kurron helped Cook County examine and implement their needs for the new building, including adjusting beds and staffing.