clinical operations

Kurron believes that the core of health industry operations is in its clinical operations. Kurron supports clients in fundamental areas including patient flow, length of stay, care delivery methods, role design and clarification, staffing strategies for clinical personnel, coordination of care, and capacity management among many others as a starting point to improve the entire organization. Kurron works to provide clients with technical expertise, policy development and implementation, and the design and implementation of straightforward analytical models to support the clinical operations of facilities. As with all of Kurron's services, we work to tailor the support and tools we provide to each client with their specific needs and goals as the foundation for change.

Our Services Also Address the Following Areas:

  • Staffing Systems & Productivity Tools
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Physician Organizational Structure
  • Capital Management
  • Operations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Payer
  • Medical Services & Relationships
  • Practice Management
  • Outsource Services
  • Governmental Relations Marketing
  • Strategic Development Management
  • Treasury Functions