Financial management &
business operations

The financial strength and stability of any healthcare organization is critical to its success. As a leader in the healthcare field, Kurron approaches its engagements with the understanding that the financial health of an organization is closely related to the organization's reputation; quality of care; and patient, physician, and employee satisfaction. Kurron's seasoned managers provide a proactive approach to operate effectively with the challenges of changing business conditions, while simultaneously addressing the well-being of stakeholders; thus, we are able to deliver significant, enduring improvements to cash on hand, EBITDA, days in accounts receivable, FTE efficiency, and other critical indicators.

Kurron works with our clients to move them toward exceeding existing best practices and often establishes new best practices and standards in an organization. This applies to the financial, clinical, and operational aspects of the organization. Kurron is uniquely positioned to bring about this level of change through cutting-edge solutions including proprietary hospital scorecards and other comparative analysis and monitoring tools to assist in positioning our clients as leaders and innovators in their communities, cities, states, and even on a national level. Kurron has the skill and experience necessary to create new and custom tools for client organizations. We can also work with clients to plan strategically for the future of the organization by identifying and developing new lines of business and opportunities for profitable revenue growth. We understand that each client has unique financial, clinical, and operational needs, and Kurron is able to not only identify those needs, but to also customize creative solutions to improve the financial health to the organizations we serve.

Our Services Also Address the Following Areas:

  • Staffing Systems & Productivity Tools
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Physician Organizational Structure
  • Capital Management
  • Operations
  • Quality Assurance
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Payer
  • Medical Services & Relationships
  • Practice Management
  • Outsource Services
  • Governmental Relations Marketing
  • Strategic Development Management
  • Treasury Functions