regulatory, legal & payer compliance

Kurron believes that it is crucial for healthcare organizations to far exceed any regulatory, legal, and payer requirements of which they may be required to meet. If an organization's compliance is in question, then many, if not all, other aspects of the organization's operations will certainly be under question as well. Kurron has a long history of working with clients to meet a variety of requirements due to our understanding of how these requirements can be integrated within the organization's day-to-day routines. Not only does Kurron undertake engagements to work specifically to meet these goals, but we also approach all of our engagements with this particular aspect of healthcare in mind.

Kurron works to help organizations meet and exceed National Patient Safety Goals, improve quality reporting and transparency in our clients' organizations, and offer accreditation support both for those with accreditation deadlines to meet as well as those who need longer-term support and guidance to acquire and maintain accreditation (including with Joint Commission, Joint Commission International, Accreditation Canada, and a variety of other international accreditation agencies). In these types of situations, Kurron performs systematic and thorough assessments to determine areas for improvement, set goals with our clients, and develop systematic strategies complete with tools to quantitatively track improvement. As with all of our engagements, Kurron's team of experts in the field of regulatory requirements will tailor our approach to meet each client's specific regulatory needs.

Our Services Also Address the Following Areas:

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