management contracting

Certain circumstances require Kurron to engage not only as a consultant, but also as the full-time executive and financial management team for our clients. In this capacity, we assume responsibility for acting as an agent of change by identifying opportunities, implementing appropriate actions, and managing and leading organizations through this process. We have a diverse team of management level executives with extensive expertise in their respective field.

Kurron's expertise in healthcare management comes from decades of experience working in close partnerships with the Board of Directors and key stakeholders of healthcare facilities to provide expert management services. In most management engagements, Kurron is first asked to ensure the organization is financially viable, secure, and stable. Once financial stability is established, Kurron works to ensure the delivery of high quality care, superior operating performance and strategic positioning to ensure long-term viability.

During a management engagement, Kurron's process often includes concurrently conducting a thorough financial, operational, clinical, and strategic assessment and analysis, providing reasonable and implementable recommendations as well as step-by-step action plans with quantitative monitoring tools. Kurron utilizes a proven approach to provide sustainable gains through teaching, coaching and knowledge transfer from the front line to the executive level, while monitoring the process and making course corrections if and when necessary. Kurron's management approach is always customized to our clients' unique operating environments, business challenges, and organizational cultures; and, our focus never waivers from maintaining or improving the quality of care.